Plant community, Natural landscape, Cloud, Sky, Mountain, Terrain

ChamGaia is a Hidden Getaway

ChamGaia is a Dream

Plant community, Natural landscape, Atmospheric phenomenon, Sky, Ecoregion, Light, Sunlight, Highland

Facing the iconic mountain of Le Morne Brabant and nestled in the authentic Valley of Chamarel, ChamGaia offers you the ultimate private eco-lodge experience.

The Lodge consists of 3 separate units: The House and 2 additional detached suites which can be tailored to your liking for extra friends and family.

Designed with tranquillity and relaxation in mind, The Lodge is an organic modern hideaway located in the Seven Coloured Earth Park, fusing natural simplicity with contemporary luxuries.

We promise you an immersive experience that explores the interaction between off-the-grid living, elegance, and comfort, in one of the most breath-taking landscapes of Mauritius.

ChamGaia is an Adventure

Let your inner adrenaline self out with a wide range of activities especially selected for you. whether you’re after a trek through the lush forests or an up-close and personal view of the roaring Chamarel waterfall, you’ll find numerous options that can satisfy even the wildest of hearts.

We are dedicated to our guests to fulfill their unique experience in ChamGaia encompassing nature, local authenticity of remote exotic spots, and above all Mauritius’ discoveries and adventures.

We fell in love with Chamarel and moved there in 2013. As hospitality professionals in boutique-style properties for over 20 years, we wanted to craft an immersive experience, lost in the hills and valley of Chamarel, an alternative way to discover Mauritius.

Conveying ultimate elegance, ChamGaia was thoughtfully designed to fuse modesty, eco-consciousness, and tranquility.  

We wanted to create a sanctuary that exists between the feeling of being lost in the wild, and the feeling of living in the utmost form of sophistication where sustainability meets elegance.

The result is an architecture that is an invitation to experience oneness. Oneness with people. Oneness with nature and the surroundings.

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Experience a unique connection with nature in ultimate privacy and intimacy

The perfect harmony between elegance, comfort & eco-living


ChamGaia, Terre des 7 Couleurs, Chamarel 92103, Mauritius