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Our Story

Green is a lifestyle


Local Impact

Balancing contemporary luxuries with eco-living, ChamGaia has sustainability at its core.

From the choice of materials to the selection of everyday products, we remain consistent in our eco-responsible commitment.

We are proud to be 100% self-sufficient in energy and water, making the lodge truly off-grid.

The design and construction have been inspired by nature, to allow for natural ventilation and to create as little disturbance as possible to the surrounding vegetation.

As you step into ChamGaia’s world, you leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life and step into a world of calm, fresh air, and serenity. Let the sounds and scent of Mother Nature take over your senses and let you truly take time out.

During all hours, you'll be treated to uninterrupted views of Chamarel’s natural forests, tropical birds, and wildlife that call this home.

A one-of-a-kind destination, for those who are looking to drift off the beaten track, to discover an elusive destination to reconnect with nature and their true inner selves.

Involving the local community in all aspects of our travelers’ experience is part of our vision - from the daily services and activities that are offered to the food served on ChamGaia’s table.

We support local NGOs and eco-responsible organisations helping to reverse the impact of habitat destruction and invasive species on Mauritius’ endemic biodiversity.

Who we are

We fell in love with Chamarel and moved there in 2013. As hospitality professionals in boutique-style properties for over 20 years, we wanted to share this immersive experience, lost in the hills and valley of Chamarel, as an alternative way to discover Mauritius.

For years, we’ve been conceptualizing a one-of-a-kind off-grid holiday in Mauritius where comfort and elegance truly meet sustainability.

By sharing our vision with a passionate team of globetrotters, family, friends, and local professionals, we have created a sanctuary to share- welcome to ChamGaia, your own private lodge in the heart of our 22000 m2 property.


ChamGaia’s Sustainability practices

Architectural design respecting the existing landscape
Built with 100% sustainably sourced wood
Smart design to allow natural ventilation
Endemic re-forestation
Protect the natural habitat for endemic birds

100% self-sufficient in electricity
Hot water provided by a heat pump
Energy-efficient appliances and electronics
LED light bulbs and solar lights
100% self-sufficient in water
Own filtered water
Water-efficient toilets and showers

Eco-friendly cleaning products
Refillable eco-friendly shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and soap dispensers
Significant reduction of all single-use plastic
Reduce, reuse & recycle waste as much as possible
No printed commercial brochures
No printed business cards
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ChamGaia, Terre des 7 Couleurs, Chamarel 92103, Mauritius